Fixed Price Toilet Unblocking Canterbury 0791 7852384

Toilet unblocking Canterbury 0791 7852384 Chris.

Fixed price clearance for toilet unblocking in Canterbury by Chris 0791 7852384 I have been clearing blocked toilets and drains in Canterbury for over 28 years, and I have the experience and knowledge to have your toilet  and drains flushing quickly.

Toilet unblocking and drains Canterbury 0791 7852384 Chris.

Toilet Unblocking Unblockers Canterbury 0791 7852384

I am a one man operation I take great pride in the service that I provide too my customers, and I actually enjoy my job and get great job satisfaction of going to my customers property’s and providing my toilet unblocking services in Canterbury.

Blocked Toilet Unblocked

When it comes to blocked toilets, I have perfected my methods of clearing them over all the years that I have been a plumbing & drainage engineer, and as well as all my knowledge and experience I have also accumulated all the right tools and machinery for every type of blockage I come across including a high pressure water jetting machine installed in the rear of my van.

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Blocked Toilet Unblocked Unblockers
Blocked Toilet Unblocked Unblockers

Call Me On 0791 7852384 Direct To My Mobile

If you wish to discuss your problems that you are have please give me a call direct to my mobile.

Toilet Unblockers

Unblocking blocked toilets fast using all my years of knowledge and experience and the right tools.

Blocked Toilet & Drains & Drain CCTV Survey Inspection With My Drain Camera

As a drainage engineer I offer the full package as regarding drains, and I can unblock drains and toilets as well as provide you with a drain CCTV camera survey inspection which can be recorded if required.

Also I carry out drain repairs from full structual liners to patch repairs as well as full dig up repairs.

Thank you for reading my details.

Best Regards.

Chris 0791 7852384.

Thomas Crapper invented the first flush toilet for taking all our excrement and urination urine away too the sewer system or septic is important to look after this sewage system as faults can cause blockages to you toilet as well as ground pollution of surrounding soil as well as groundwater pollution.

Toilets are designed to have water in the bowl as this acts a seal so no sewer gas smells can enter your property.

Before flushing toilets, people would use chamber pots which  were emptied into the streets outside their property and in slums they used a flying toilet which involved toileting into and bag and throwing it as far away from your property as you could hence the flying toilet.

The first known urban sanitation system was invented by Indus valley civilization in north western India and Pakistan.

Vacuum toilets which you van find on planes trains and boats.

Some country’s have a toilet called a squat toilet which is at ground level and the user has to squat by bending their knees slightly and holding the position while going to toilet.

Toilet Unblocking Canterbury

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